5 Simple Steps to Make Your Next Great “How To” Video

09 February 2017 / By Wehows Team
5 Simple Steps to Make Your Next Great How To Video


Understand Your Audience, Find Your Niche, and Create Great Content 

Creating great “How-to” content can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be.The first step to creating great content is knowing your audience and your niche. Understanding what your viewers want from you and how you can best deliver them valuable, useful information that is relevant to their lives is the first step to creating fantastic “How-To” videos. Learn More

How To Plan Your Video - And Write A Great Script-min

Plan Well – And Write A Great Script

The best “How-To” videos may look unplanned and unscripted – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Having a good plan and a great, comprehensive script for your video ensures that your content is packed with information, and that production and filming will go smoothly. Learn More

Shooting Your How-To Video Properly-min

Shoot A Great Video 

Follow basic video production techniques – use a high-quality external microphone, purchase appropriate lighting and background materials, and make sure that you understand how to film both wide-angle shots and how to edit in closeup shots. In addition, make sure that you can use basic video editing tools to add transitions, titles, and edit in close-up and cutaway shots to make your video as clear, concise, and informative as possible. Learn More And if you happen to compile lists of required materials, tools, and other items necessary for your video, Wehows can “automagically” find the best links for your viewers to get them!.

how to attract videos

Upload Your Video To Wehows – And Make It Easy To Find

It’s crucial to make your video as easy to find and as attractive to viewers as possible by choosing a great title, creating consistent and informative thumbnail images, and by using SEO keyword research to find the best keywords to incorporate into your video description. Done correctly, you can easily boost your audience, and help increase your viewer base. Learn More


Promote Your Video And Grow Your Audience

By following appropriate channels of promotion – using social media channels, incorporating smart and effective “Calls-To-Action” within the video content itself, and ensuring that your SEO usage in your title and description is appropriate, you can easily promote and boost your video, ensuring that your audience will see it, and allowing you to pull in more viewers. Learn More

Making Money with How-To Videos

Making How-To videos is easy – and can produce quite a bit of income with just a little bit of knowledge and dedication. If you’re interested in acquiring the skills necessary to create great how-to videos, you can work over a variety of niches, using different experts and on-screen talent to do the actual instructing. By simply understanding what makes a good how-to video, having a knowledge of basic video production and editing techniques, and learning about what audiences expect from informational content, you can easily become a top-notch “How-To” video producer in no time at all – and earn some sizeable income while doing so. - Learn More
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