Attracting Viewers To Your “How-To” Video

09 February 2017 / By Wehows Team
Attracting Viewers To Your How-To Video
Even if your video is informational, entertaining, and fun, you can have some trouble attracting an audience if you don’t know how. Let’s go over some basic techniques that can help you attract viewers, establish an audience, and grow your channel.

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Pick Great Titles – Or, “You Won’t Believe How Many People Will Click Your Video With This One Simple Trick”

See what we did there? That sort of technique is often called “clickbait”. The idea is to inspire curiosity. You want to give away enough about your subject that you can attract viewers, and get them curious about the content and subject of your video. Titles are also important for SEO – Search Engine Optimization. If your video is about repairing a car engine, you should be putting the information about the specific car and engine in the title – you’ll be more likely to show up in search engine results for that particular subject, and attract an audience. A well-written title is important for both inspiring curiosity and getting good SEO results, so take some time to come up with a title that can do both. Looking through the videos of other content creators in your niche can be helpful when doing so.  

Choose A Great Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the image that will be presented to a viewer when scrolling through search results. It’s important to make it eye-catching and interesting – but you must take care not to misrepresent the content of your video. If you create a thumbnail that’s interesting but irrelevant to your video, your viewer may feel disappointed and lose trust in your channel, so make sure that your thumbnail is attractive to viewers, but true to the subject material. When it comes to creating a thumbnail, it’s good to put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. Would you click your video, based on the thumbnail? Why or why not? Having a consistent thumbnail style is also crucial to building up an audience. If someone recognizes the thumbnail format you use and trusts your information already, they’re very likely to click your video. Use-Your-Title-And-Thumbnail-Together--min

Use Your Title And Thumbnail Together

This is crucial. Together, your title and thumbnail are the team that draws in viewers – they’re the only pieces of content that a viewer will take in before clicking the video itself. Therefore, your title and thumbnail should be closely related – often, it’s a good idea to include your title in your video. That will make it clear that the video isn’t misleading, and that the viewer can trust it to deliver high-quality information.

Write Great Descriptions

Descriptions can also have an effect when it comes to search results, and the same rule applies as with thumbnails and titles – be interesting, but don’t over promise. You don’t want to mislead your viewers. Write a good description that emphasizes exactly what is contained within your video, in natural language. Any SEO keyword you’re trying to rank for should be integrated naturally – you should never just have lists of keywords below your description. The goal of the description is simple – It should be a crystal-clear of what your video is about, and it should be understandable to anyone, even if they haven’t watched the video itself.

Find The Right Keywords

You’ve probably already done some keyword research for your videos. If you have, it’s a good idea to keep using those keywords – but you can always use a bit more research. Specificity is key when it comes to ranking for a keyword. Example: “car” might have 10 million search results on YouTube, whereas “Pontiac Sundance” has only 100,000. While this means that fewer people are searching for Pontiac Sundance, it also means that you have a better chance of ranking highly for that specific keyword, so you can more easily target that particular market segment. Generic keywords have massive lists of results, so you should always try to incorporate a mixture of very specific keywords related to your content, and more generic keywords. This will give you the largest possible search audience.  

Making Money with How-To Videos

Making How-To videos is easy – and can produce quite a bit of income with just a little bit of knowledge and dedication. If you’re interested in acquiring the skills necessary to create great how-to videos, you can work over a variety of niches, using different experts and on-screen talent to do the actual instructing. By simply understanding what makes a good how-to video, having a knowledge of basic video production and editing techniques, and learning about what audiences expect from informational content, you can easily become a top-notch “How-To” video producer in no time at all – and earn some sizeable income while doing so. - Learn More
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