Electrical Safety: Using a Voltage Tester

10 December 2016 / By Wehows Team
Electrical Safety- Using a Voltage Tester
For doing any kind of electrical work, experts recommend always using a non-contact voltage tester.  The reason being that just using this single tool can, you can check the electrical current in any switch, outlet etc. in the safest manner possible. You have a lamp that mysteriously stopped working? Using a non-contact voltage tester might help you figure out what the problem is. You will hardly come across any electrician who does not carry this highly important electric equipment; it is always present in their toolbox. And with good reason! Just by pushing this tool into an outlet you can easily find out what the voltage of the current flowing inside the outlet is. Electrical shocks are not just unpleasant, but can also harm you too. Imagine you are about to install a dimmer switch but you forget to check the voltage of the current which is flowing inside the switch. You directly plug something in and end up receiving an electrical shock because the voltage of the current was too high! pexels-photo-24009-min

Do I Need a Voltage Tester?

Whether you are a professional electrician or more of a DIY type, having a non-contact voltage tester with you will always benefit you so keeping it in your toolbox is always recommended. Even if electronics do not particularly interest you, it can still come in handy. Before you actually call a professional to come and have a look at your electric equipment you can run a little troubleshoot procedure on your own using a voltage tester to figure out if it is the voltage that is creating the issue or something else entirely is causing the problem at hand. With so many different kinds of non-contact voltage testers available on the market today, selecting one that fits your needs can take some time. If you are a professional electrician you might be looking for certain specifications or features which the voltage tester offers. Ultimately based on what it offers and how it helps you meet your needs, you will end up buying one. However, if you are looking for one to just add to your toolbox at home, a dual range voltage tester is perfect. A dual range voltage testers works just as well for standard voltage as it does for detecting low voltage. Whether you go for a dual range voltage tester or a single one, the good news is that they are not that expensive.  So buy one and keep it with you just in case you decide to fix the doorbell yourself. Figuring out how to use a voltage tester is pretty simple, but if you still have some problem regarding that, watch this video explain the process to you. The video also gives you some more information on what a voltage tester does and why is it necessary. It breaks the entire process of using a non-contact voltage tester into simple steps so even if you have never used one before, you can easily understand how to use one by watching this video.
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