Finding Your Next “How-To” Video

09 February 2017 / By Wehows Team
Finding Your Next How-To Video
“How-To” videos are extremely popular online. In the past, one had to look up instructions for specific tasks in reference books and in libraries – but the internet changed everything. With the easy accessibility of platforms like Wehows, Vimeo, and Youtube, the “How-To” video genre has exploded in popularity, with over 100 million hours of “how-to” videos watch on YouTube in 2015 alone. The best part is that just about anyone can make a “how-to” video, and they often don’t even require too much technical expertise. Read on, and find out how you can pick the best subject for your next “How-To” video.

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Understand Your Audience

The first step is finding your audience. If you don’t know your audience, you’re basically making videos just for yourself. The ideal audience is someone who needs your help – someone who finds your particular expertise in a subject valuable. For a makeup artist, this could be a teenager who is just learning how to do her own makeup. - for a tech expert, this could be someone who is trying to build their own computer for the first time. Finding an audience that needs your particular skills and expertise is essential in building a following for your how-to videos, so think of what you’re skilled at – and then think about who needs the knowledge you can provide, and target them specifically. Once you’ve determined an audience, your niche will follow.

Select Your Niche

Niche is basically a fancy word for combining your audience and subject material. If your audience is PC gamers, and your subject material is video game reviews, your niche is video game reviews for PC gamers, and so on. Choosing a good niche is very important when it comes to making how-to videos, because even the best, most knowledge-packed videos in the world won’t be too popular if you choose a subject that nobody is interested in. A great way to figure out a niche is by using keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner. Googling a specific term like “headphones” will show you how popular it is by search volume, and show you other terms commonly associated with it. By doing some basic keyword research, you can ensure you pick a niche with plenty of search volume, and find out what keywords associated with it rank highly. This will give you plenty of reach to get your intended audience interested.


Add Value – No Matter What

This is another very important point. Never make a video just for the sake of it – whatever you make has to add value to the viewer. They must come away more informed, more entertained, or more equipped to come up with a solution to the issue they were learning about. If you don’t add value, you will never gain an audience, because viewers will feel that their time is wasted

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Create The Right Content

Beyond just adding value, you have to create the right kind of content. It’s good to research other “how-to” video makers in your particular niche to get an idea of the sort of content that is popular, and use that as a starting point. In addition, your content should be:
  • Timely – Popular videos often use timely references to popular culture, viral content, or other current events. By releasing a video that includes or references these subjects, you can increase engagement with your audience.
  • Informative – As a rule of thumb, each person who watches your video should come away from it having learned something new. The value of being informative can’t be understated – everyone loves learning new things, and by presenting great knowledge in a fun package, you can really build a following quickly.
  • To The Point – Most people don’t watch videos past the first minute. That’s when you have to hook in your audience. Start out quickly, efficiently, and get to the point of your video as fast as you can. This increases viewer engagement, and makes your content more likely to succeed.

Making Money with How-To Videos

Making How-To videos is easy – and can produce quite a bit of income with just a little bit of knowledge and dedication. If you’re interested in acquiring the skills necessary to create great how-to videos, you can work over a variety of niches, using different experts and on-screen talent to do the actual instructing. By simply understanding what makes a good how-to video, having a knowledge of basic video production and editing techniques, and learning about what audiences expect from informational content, you can easily become a top-notch “How-To” video producer in no time at all – and earn some sizeable income while doing so. - Learn More
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