Getting into Graffiti – Urban Art

17 December 2016 / By Wehows Team
Getting into Graffiti – Urban Art
Like any other form of art, graffiti too allows artists to express their true creativity, but at the same time, we fail to think of any other form of art which can be as cool as graffiti. What began in the late 60’s and early 70’s is still able to hold its ground. While graffiti may have branched out into different types, the traditional style of graffiti still remains a hot favorite for most graffiti artists. This video tells you the simplest way of doing traditional graffiti, and in no time, you can be a graffiti artist too!

Traditional Graffiti:

Before we move on with how to do it, let us talk a little about what traditional graffiti actually is. It is that type of graffiti which involves a lot of funky looking letters that have been sprayed onto surfaces perfectly. It is so common all around the world that there is every chance that you might have seen a couple, several times. And with some practice and time, you too can become a traditional graffiti artist. So let’s get started!

Things that You Will Need:

  • A spray paint (any color of your choice)
  • A surface.
graffiti urban art Before you start, give the spray paint can a good shake so that the content inside is all prepared to be used. Then start by making any letter of your choice, for example capital A on the surface of your choice. Just write a big capital letter A on the wall and then proceed to spray some paint around just a few of the outer lines of the letter to make it look even more prominent. This technique in graffiti language is called the drop shadow technique.  The drop shadow is an excellent and widely used technique to make the letters appear slightly more 3D. And you are done. This way you can write any letter from the alphabet, using spray paint in any color of your choice and make it look totally eye-catching. It might take you some time and practice to learn which area of which letter to shade to give it maximum amount of depth, but soon enough you will get the hang of it. An easy tip over here would be to first try writing the letters in the graffiti style on your sketchbook than just straight up drawing them on the wall. The mistakes on a piece of paper are easier to take care of rather than the ones you might make on a wall. The best part of learning how to paint or draw each letter of the alphabet in traditional graffiti style is that you can then use them to spell out actual words on the surface as well. Graffiti is not just about letters – it is also about shapes and uniquely sprayed patterns that come beautifully together. The reason why graffiti has garnered such a huge fan following is because it allows people to really express their creativity. Grab a spray paint can and let you imagination take over. Abstract graffiti pattern can be a great way to add some color into an otherwise dull place.
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