Home Makeovers DIY Ideas: Making Your Own Pillowcases

10 December 2016 / By Wehows Team
Home Makeovers DIY Ideas- Making Your Own Pillowcases
We all like to replace the old with the new, except none of us would like to end up broke in the process. Home makeover projects would be so much more fun to do if they did not involve shelling out some major bucks out of our wallets. This is where DIY projects come in handy. From taking care of shabby curtains to adding some life to your otherwise plain wall, there is a DIY idea for every home improvement project that you may have in mind. And not all of these projects require you to have crazy arts and crafts skills.

Simple Ways of Making Your Lounge Look More Inviting:

Your lounge is where you spend a good amount of time at it only makes sense to pay some attention to this area of your house and see if you can add or remove something from that place to make it look even better. You added a couple of dry flowers in your lounge to give it some color, you even hung up some artwork that you created yourself…but something is still missing. DIY Pillow cases

The Couch is Where It’s At:

After some brainstorming you realize that it is neither the plants nor your walls that seem to be doing anything for your lounge, but it is actually the couch which needs a little TLC, tender loving care. What can you do to give your couch a makeover? Replacing the entire couch would cost a lot, so an inexpensive way of making your couch a little more hip is to place some throw pillows on it! Throw pillows are not only cute, but they can really make a couch or even a bed, instantly have more of that aesthetic feel to them. And with so many different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns to choose from the options are endless. To make the whole pillow experience even more customized, you can paint the fabric that you would be using for these pillows on your own using some fabric paint and stencils.

Stitching a Pillowcase:

While choosing what shape and fabric you would want the throw pillow to be in is easy, a relatively difficult task is to stitch (or sew) the pillowcase. You don’t really need a sewing machine for it, thread and a needle would do just as well. For practicing purposes, start stitching a pillowcase using some old fabric piece that may be lying around the house. The idea is to get a little grasp on the whole idea of stitching a pillowcase before you actually start making one with a new fabric piece. Once you get the hang of stitching the pillowcase, there will be no stopping you! Watch this video to learn how to stitch an inside out pillow case in the easiest way possible. Everything from start to finish is explained very clearly. If you have zero experience with stitching and are a beginner, you will find this video particularly helpful.
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