How To Promote Your How-To Video

09 February 2017 / By Wehows Team
How To Promote Your How-To Video
So you’ve come up with a great idea for a video, shot it with a great script, used professional audio and video equipment, added great post-production information, and uploaded it with a fantastic thumbnail, clickbait title, and a clear, SEO-optimized description. You’re done, right? Sorry, not quite. You’re almost there, though. You’ve reached the final step of the process – promotion. Read on to find out how to promote your video, and draw in viewers who will enjoy your content.


Social Media Promotion

Social media is a fantastic place to promote your content. If you already have a big following on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media website, you can easily get more viewers for your Wehows channel. If you don’t have a presence on major social media platforms, it’s important that you create accounts on them immediately – you can include your handles and information about your social media accounts in your videos, and grow a following organically, as your content continues to get views. Whether or not you have a large following, having an active social media presence is a great way to help your channel succeed – you can post information about what you’re doing, pictures of your set, publicize upcoming videos, and connect with your viewers. You will be able to appear more personal, and have more platforms upon which to promote your content and your Wehows channel.

Call-To-Action (CTAs)

CTAs are exactly what they sound like – a call for a viewer to do something. Commonly used in marketing, a CTA issues a suggestion to a viewer of a piece of content to do something – buy a product, “see more”, or sign up for an email list. In the context of online video, CTAs are usually simple, and take the form of asking your audience to “like” “share” or “follow” if they enjoyed your content. You can pepper smaller CTAs like this in your content, and end it with information about you, and a call-to-action asking people who enjoyed the video to follow, or share it with their friends if they found it to be informative. These kinds of CTAs can help people engage with your content, and increase the likelihood that they will follow you and share your content with others, helping you grow a larger followers and viewer base.


SEO Optimization

We’ve covered SEO somewhat in other posts, but it remains one of the key ways in which to promote your video. By doing good keyword research on your chosen niche, you can increase your audience reach by having your video appear in major search engines and at the top of video results in Wehows. Make sure that you use the appropriate SEO-optimized keywords in your titles, thumbnails, and descriptions – but do so in a natural manner, not by including giant lists of keywords that you want to rank for. The more accurate and thorough your keyword usage is, the better your chances of distinguishing yourself from the pack while uploading a new video.

Making Money with How-To Videos

Making How-To videos is easy – and can produce quite a bit of income with just a little bit of knowledge and dedication. If you’re interested in acquiring the skills necessary to create great how-to videos, you can work over a variety of niches, using different experts and on-screen talent to do the actual instructing. By simply understanding what makes a good how-to video, having a knowledge of basic video production and editing techniques, and learning about what audiences expect from informational content, you can easily become a top-notch “How-To” video producer in no time at all – and earn some sizeable income while doing so. - Learn More
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