Make-up tips for Perfect Eyebrows

19 December 2016 / By Wehows Team
Make-up tips for Perfect Eyebrows
Bad eyebrows are the stuff that nightmares are made of. Unruly eyebrows can make your otherwise flawless makeup look really bad. On the other hand, properly groomed eyebrows can make you look that much put together even if you have not put much on your face. Thick, shapely eyebrows have been around for quite some time and it does not seem likely that they would be leaving anytime soon. You can get the Eyebrows of Your Dreams even if you naturally have pretty thin ones. This video shows you all the makeup and tools and how to use them to get those gorgeous eyebrows that will make others turn green with envy.

Things You Need:

Small brush Tweezers Eyebrow gel/ Eyebrow powder Eyebrow fix Highlighter

eyebrows brush

The Procedure:

Start by plucking the eyebrows using you tweezers. This is one of the most important steps and it requires your full attention. For best results, use a small handheld mirror to really get a good view of the unruly hairs that you want to get rid of. Remember to just pluck the unnecessary eyebrow hair, do not over pluck. Once you have all the unwanted brow hair plucked out, your brows would look neater. Brush them using a spoolie brush. Once you are done tweezing your brows, it is time for step 2. Take the small brush and get some eyebrow gel on to the brush. Using this eyebrow gel, you have to paint your eyebrows to make them look fuller.  Start with just a little bit of product on the brush; you can build on to it as you go on.  If you do not have eyebrow gel, you can use eyebrow powder instead to draw your brows. Start filling in the eyebrows from where they begin and trace them out till where they end. Remember to keep a light hand. Whether you are using eyebrow gel or eyebrow powder it is essential that you use the shade which is closest to the natural color of your brows. When you are done painting your brows on with gel or powder, brush some eyebrow fix on your brows to ensure all the brow hair stays in place. Eyebrow fix is basically clear mascara. This step is extremely important because not only will it help keep the brow hair in place, but it will also help blend in any harsh lines that you just drew in and around your eyebrows. Flawless eyebrows are those that look natural. So, please do not skip blending/brushing in everything. The last step is to use some highlight on you brow bone to make the almost done eyebrows look picture perfect. This is an excellent way of making your brows really pop. Use your fingers to blend the highlighter. Alternatively, you can also use some concealer on your brow bone to make the brows really stand out. Just use very little amounts of it. If there is a need to add more, you can always add it later. For bonus points, add some mascara to your eyelashes and really make your eyes the centre of attention which they so obviously deserve to be.
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