Measuring Accurately Using a Vernier Caliper

10 December 2016 / By Wehows Team
Measuring Accurately Using a Vernier Caliper
Ever wondered how to get super precise internal and external distances? You can get them using a vernier caliper which has specifically been designed for this very purpose. Using this precision instrument not only can you measure the internal and external dimensions, but you can also measure depth measurements. There are a number of other advantages that vernier caliper has to its name. For example, if you are using this instrument to measure something, you will not need any other measuring instrument like a ruler or even a measuring tape since both, the main scale and the vernier scale are already built inside this tool.

Manual Vernier Calipers vs. Digital Vernier Calipers:

Both the types of vernier calipers have certain pros and cons to them. If you are using a manual vernier caliper, you will have an instrument which is going to last you that much longer because it is made of stainless steel. Manual vernier calipers also have both the imperial and metric scale. On the flip side, the measurements that you will get using a manual vernier caliper need to be interpreted from its scale by the user themselves. Using a digital vernier caliper would give you the reading on its own automatically. You use it to measure something and the LCD display will show you the measurement. Their disadvantage is that since they are battery operated, they might not last you that long. Their battery might run out too so in the long run, replacing their batteries on and off is also going to cost you more than affording a manual one. Still, whether you go for a manual vernier caliper or a digital one, both of them would be cheaper than the other calipers that you have available. Using a Vernier Caliper It goes without saying that getting accurate, precise measurements is extremely convenient by using a manual vernier caliper, major part of this convenience depends on how efficiently you are able to read this measuring instrument. You need good eye sight and lots of concentration to be able to read the measurements off this instrument without making any errors. You need to also have a very strong grasp on both the imperial and metric scales. Vernier calipers are the simplest of the vernier instruments that we have with us today. Many people have to use different types of micrometers to make measurements not realizing that using the vernier caliper alone can do all that work. All you need to know is how to align them properly when measuring things and read the values off the scales.   With some practice of reading the measurements off the scales you do become better at using this instrument for making accurate measurements. This video not only shows you how to handle a vernier caliper when measuring things, it also shows you how to read the values.  The step by step process of reading the scale shown in this video is extremely beneficial especially for first time vernier caliper users.
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