Office Dress Code for Men: To Tie or Not to Tie…That Is the Question

10 December 2016 / By howtohacks
Office Dress Code for Men- To Tie or Not to Tie…That Is the Question
Dress for the job you want. Keep dressing for the job you just got, if you wish to keep the job. This is hardly news to anyone that our appearances go a long way in determining how people perceive us. Whether you are a social psychologist or a stylist, you will agree that when it comes to our appearances, the way we dress make up for a huge part of it. Most workplaces have their own dress codes which all employees of that particular workplace must follow. Some have uniforms that convey a corporate image; others might allow you to bring your own fashion game forward but still keeping the dress code of the office in mind. For example, the workplace which just hired you asks its male employees to wear a tie. Since it is part of the dress code you will be required to follow it, even if ties are not really your thing. On the other hand, if your workplace does not specifically mention that the male employees are to wear ties, but a somewhat formal dress code is still followed, it would be a good idea to done one.

To Tie or Not to Tie

And here is why:

When you are dressing formally, a tie really and truly completes the look. Additionally, with all the different colors, fabric types, patterns, shapes and sizes you get to choose your ties from, they could really make your outfit go from a 6 to a 10. We are not asking you to start putting a pocket square there too, but wearing a tie is one of the simplest ways of making your office-look look proper. Other than wearing a tie, make sure that the remaining parts of your outfit like your dress pant and shirt are ironed and clean. Do not wear the same shirt for three days in a row. No missing buttons or holes should be present in your outfit, either. If they are, mend them as soon as possible.  Even consider polishing your shoes every now and then, rather than polishing them just once a month. So it is decided that if your workplace does follow a more formal dress code, it would be a good idea to wear a tie, let us talk a little about how to tie a tie. Ties too can be tied in different techniques. They even have their fancy names to boot: Full Windsor Knot, For in Hand Knot, Nicky Knot… but a simple classic knot would do just as well for your office look. Tying a tie in a classic knot is easy. Watch this video explain how you can tie the perfect tie in just 10 seconds! So for all those times you are running late for work, you at least have your tie tying routine down to 10 seconds. The key here is to practice. The more you practice tying a tie, the quicker you will become at it.
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