Paper Snowflakes for holiday decorations

19 December 2016 / By Wehows Team
Paper Snowflakes for holiday decorations
Paper snowflakes are the best! Snowflakes have always been the perfect decoration for any winter occasions. You cannot have a proper Christmas decoration either without sticking a few snowflakes here and there. Snowflakes are loved so much because of how wondrous they are. As kids we used to look at the intricate patterns in the snowflakes and be absolutely fascinated by them. We didn’t understand why they had such complex patterns and how something like that could form naturally. We still don’t really understand it (we know it has something to do with the way Hydrogen forms bonds and how they are symmetrical) and seeing a proper snowflake still fills us with delight and joy.

Why Paper Snowflakes are great

There’s a simple reason that snowflakes are such a popular decoration. It is very, very easy to make a snowflake that looks absolutely beautiful. That’s why paper snowflakes are often seen in children’s art classes as well. You look at a snowflake and it looks like something which would be very complicated to make. You look at all the designs and the intricate cuts that will be required to make the pattern and all you can think is “no way”. Then when you start making paper snowflakes you don’t believe how easy it is do make them. That’s because the paper snowflakes are usually made by just folding some paper and cutting pieces off strategically. The key to all this lies in the fact that snowflakes have symmetrical shape. You will see the same pattern repeat itself in a snowflake in a radial manner. You don’t see variations within one snowflake (every snowflake is unique) because that’s just not how they work. There’s a reason they have the particular shape and it has to do with the amount of water involved and the conditions under which the snowflake was made.

How Snowflakes are Made

The one thing which most people don’t realize is that snowflakes aren’t just water. Water itself does not form the snowflake shape. What happens instead is that some dust and pollen finds itself up in the atmosphere. When water hits these particles it freezes. The water freezing over the dust particle or the pollen is where the shape starts forming. The shape and size of the snowflake totally depends on the weather and the wind when they are being formed.  Usually snowflakes that are made in dry climate tend to be very simple in shape. Snowflakes that are made in more humid areas have complicated patterns.

paper snowflakes

Learn how to Make Paper Snowflakes

Once you see this video you too will be able to make paper snowflakes easily. The video   tells you in very simple steps everything you need to do. It begins by telling you how you need to fold the paper. Once it is folded properly you start the cutting process. Cut in all the right places and when you open the paper up it will have a beautiful shape. Watch the video and you can begin making your own.
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