Training Your Pet Hamster

19 December 2016 / By Wehows Team
Hamsters are fantastic animals and have been used as pets for a long time. They are much easier to manage than a cat or a dog and kids can easily take care of them too which further increases their popularity. However many people have problems with training hamsters. Here are some of the things hamster owners complain about:

The Hamsters bite

Hamsters are not very aggressive creatures but if you get a new hamster it may bite you. The problem is that if you do not train it correctly it will keep biting you for a long period of time.

The Hamsters do not play

Here’s another big complaint people have. We have all seen hamsters depicted in the media playing around in the cage and having the time of their lives on a hamster wheel. People bring in hamsters with the same expectations but instead the hamsters just seem to sit in one place inside the cage or are unusually skittish.

Hamsters not eating properly

Sometimes the hamsters don’t seem to be as interested in food as they should be. Other times they are so afraid of you that they won’t take food from your hands.

hamster eating

Solving all problems with the right training

The good thing is that all the above mentioned problems can be easily solved with hamster training. People usually do not train their hamsters because most people aren’t aware that hamsters can be trained. Hamsters may not be as intelligent as dogs but they aren’t dumb either. You will be surprised at how easily they can be trained and how fun they can be as pets once trained properly. Trained hamsters are very fun pets to have. They run around in their cage playing all day. They play with other hamsters. They will nibble on the food on your hand and also run around you and into you affectionately. Hamsters are very cute and there’s nothing better than a small cute animal that loves you this much. Training hamsters also makes them much safer. The last thing anyone wants is for their children to be bitten by the pet and training ensures that the hamsters will not bite the people that are caring for them. It also becomes much easier to hold hamsters once they are trained. They will no longer try to jump out of your hand when you hold them. The reason they appear to be bad pets to some people is that hamsters get scared easily. They aren’t skittish and unruly because they are bad pets – they are skittish and unruly because they are afraid of you. This video will show you the proper technique for training hamsters. It tells you all the ways you can make your hamsters understand that they are safe now. It also tells you about how you can use treats to make the hamsters more affectionate towards you. Another important point mentioned in the video is what type of a cage you need for new hamsters.
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