Using Bold Lip Color to Perfection

19 December 2016 / By Wehows Team
Using Bold Lip Color to Perfection
A bold lip can do the same for your face that getting a good pair of sunglasses can: they transform your face, provided it is perfectly applied. And this is where most of us go wrong. Watch this video and learn the correct way of applying the perfect bold lip color. It is simpler than you think.

The Process:

Begin with lining your lips using a lip liner that is in the shade which is the closest to the actual bold lip color you want to put on. Lining your lips helps you with ensuring that the lipstick you will be applying stays within those lines only.  Use a handheld mirror to get a better view of your lips; you would be able to line your lips more precisely this way. There are a number of benefits to lining your lips. To make your lipstick last even longer, use the lip liner and color in your lips before you apply lipstick. This way when you eat or drink the actual lipstick might wear off, but the color from the lip liner is likely to stay there. So you will still have something on your lips. If you have thin lips, use the lip liner and draw the outline of the lips a little above the natural contours of your lips. bold color lipstic Next, take the lipstick and apply it generously all over your lips. Make sure to get some on the corners of your lips too. Remember not to go out of the lines that you just created using the lip liner. You may use a regular lipstick or one in liquid form too. If you are using lipsticks in their liquid form, you need to have a very steady hand since most of them dry out in a couple of seconds only. One wrong move, and you will have to literally scrub it off of your lips. If you are a beginner with lipsticks, we recommend using the regular ones and then climb your way to the liquid ones. To give your lips an even more prim and proper look, take some concealer on a brush and use it to line your lips. This would really give that “immaculate” look to your lips that every woman seeks. Additionally, you can also use some highlighter and put it on your cupid’s brow. This little trick gives the illusion of a fuller lip. While most lip sticks are now coming with special formulas that allow them to have a longer staying power. Still, there is one trick that you can use to real seal the lipstick. Once you are done putting the lipstick on, take a piece of tissue paper and place it on your lips. Next, dust some translucent powder on to you tissue covered lips. Remove the tissue and add some more lipstick on top. This is a trick that make- up artists use all the time to ensure that their models have perfectly colored lips throughout the day.
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